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Great semi-custom modern builder doing things no other builder is doing in this town. Innovation. Energy efficiency. Everything included as standards. Modern. Different elevations at no additional cost. Hands on builder that truly cares about his business & his clients! - Jade Baker

Our choice to build a Gray Home was an easy one. As this company's first customer, the design and build process has been exceptional. Dave has been a builder in Colorado Springs for over a decade, so don't let the newness of the business sway you. The fact that he's one of only a select few allowed to build in Wolf Ranch is a testament to his product quality and his personal integrity. As a military veteran, his work ethic reflects the determination and discipline required to handle complex situations. Gray Homes is truly a semi-custom home builder. They give you a flexibility in design architecture and options that you can't get from larger cookie-cutter home building businesses. Even with the numerous extra options that we chose, our house is being built in half the time than what other home builders quoted. The shortened build timeline does not mean compromise in quality. We are impressed by the quality companies and subcontractors that Dave uses for lighting, countertops, cabinets and tradesmen such as framing, roofing, and HVAC.  In terms of value, we feel that the amount of upgrades that come standard with the house sets Gray Homes apart from the competition and feel that the house is already worth more than what we paid for it. In addition, Gray Homes has assembled a professional team that has given us it's undivided attention and care. All of our questions have been addressed quickly and accurately. We feel like we're in the drivers seat during this build process.  We're ecstatic about our house and the quality that we've seen through the build process! Gray Homes definitely has a bright future as Wolf Ranch continues to grow as a premier Colorado Springs community. - Spiro Tsitsilianos